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Min. Bill Y. Farley, Jr.: Music


(Min. Bill Y. Farley, Jr.)
(Psalm 150)
words and music by Bill Y. Farley, Jr.
soloist: Bill Y. Farley, Jr.

verse 1
Make a joyful noise unto the Lord. Praise Him with the song and dance. Praise Him with the strings and
timbrel. And even the cymbals, the loud sounding cymbals, you know. There’s something about music. There’s something in a song. It can move your heart and it can touch your soul.
God, creator of the music. He’s the creator behind the melody. He assigns the parts to His people. And I’m so blessed that He chose me. But, I thought what He gave, I thought what I had, was just not enough to praise Him, till He made me see. It’s not about me but what I can give.

So I promise you Lord, this time when I sing, I’ll remove all doubt, I’ll remove all fear, for I have a song to sing, yes I do. Lord, you gave it to me. And I promise you Lord, this time when I sing, I will lift you up, I’ll sing your praise. Though sometimes I feel what I have isn’t much, I will still sing praises in truth and in love.

verse 2
What a wondrous way to serve Him than to praise the Lord with a melody. Play your instrument, lift your voice in unison or harmony. Lord, you are my music. You are my song. You gave these gifts and nothing you do is wrong. (So I, chorus)

Though oft times discouraged, I’m gonna sing my song to you. Though sometimes disappointed with what I can give. But I’ll sing as long as you offer your anointing. I’ll sing as long as your name is praised. I’ll sing as long as you tell me, when I gotta sing, what I gotta sing, how I gotta sing. I’ll do it. I’ll sing as long as your name is praised. And I promise you…