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Min. Bill Y. Farley, Jr.: Music


(Min. Bill Y. Farley, Jr.)
Hold on my child, for I hear your call, and I hear your cry, hold on……..hold on.
Hold on my child, for you seemed despaired but I hear your prayer, and I’ll be right there, yes, I’ll be right there, hold on…….hold on.
Just like Daniel, in the lion’s den, for he praised his God. And he was brought out for he held on. Hold on.
Like the Hebrew boys,
They would not give into any images,
They were thrown into the fiery furnace,
Oh, But they held on. Hold on.
Just like Job, he lost his all, everything he had. He was down and out, but in the end, he was more than a victor. I’ll be there for you. I’ll take care of you. There’s a place prepared for you.
Just on hold on………Hold on………
Just keep the faith stay in the race, stay anchored in my word. Cause as I said, I’m coming back to take my children home. And you will know when Gabriel blows that soon you will be free. And on that day I’ll wipe your tears away as you claim your victory. Hold on

I know you can make it, you’ve got to keep on prayin’, don’t stop prayin’, keep on prayin’ Hold on
I know you can make it, you’ve got to keep on trusting, and believing, just keep holding Hold on