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Min. Bill Y. Farley, Jr.: Music


(Min. Bill Y. Farley, Jr.)
words and music by Bill Y. Farley, Jr.
soloist: Thomasina Savage

verse 1
Creator of heaven and earth, the maker of this world, oh let us praise the Lord, He’s (worthy).
He made the stars to shine. With breath He gave us life. We ought to praise Him for He’s (worthy). Praise Him for the things He’s done. He is the Mighty One. He is Jehovah and He’s (worthy). Come ye that love the Lord, and let your praise be heard. We’ve got to praise Him (tell it) cause He’s (worthy) He is (worthy to be praised) (Repeat)

He is the Alpha and Omega, Beginning and the End. Lord of All. He is worthy (He is worthy).

verse 2
When I think of where He’s brought me from.
My soul is filled with joy.
I just can’t tell it all He’s (worthy).
With love He sent His Son. The lamb who shed His blood. I’ve got to thank Him cause He’s (worthy)
With wisdom power and love, He reigns from Heaven above. My God is an awesome God He’s (worthy). He’s coming back again someday.
He didn’t leave us here to stay.
Oh how I love Him cause He’s (worthy).
He’s worthy to be praised.